How to Add New Job Postings to the Community

Published: October 31rd, 2022

Posted by: Tyler (384)

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Users and members of the Us Enduring community can now create and post job listings on Us Enduring, for free!

An important part about surviving and thriving during a challenging economy is to keep working in jobs that we like, so we want to help our community find and connect with great employers who have available job openings that might be a great fit for them.

It's really simple to add new job openings:

  1. Sign up for a free membership account at Us Enduring.
  2. Click to create a new post, just like any other content.
  3. Select "Jobs" and "Positions Available" from the category selections.
  4. Add information for the relevant job. We will actually provide you with a simple template to get started and make it super simple.

Be sure to also select a specific state in the U.S. if the job requires in-office hours.

Also, this posting new jobs likely won't be free forever, so take advantage while you can!

We'll promote your job posting, but you can help to build traction by sharing Us Enduring with your in-person and online friends!

Are you an individual looking for a new or better job? You can actually create a candidate profile in a similar way so that employers can reach out to you directly instead of the other way around! Learn more.


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