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Published: November 2nd, 2022

Posted by: Tyler (384)

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The goal of Us Enduring is to create, compile and provide high quality content and resources, and make it super simple for our members to access, learn and benefit from this content.

Sometimes that might be on the actual UsEnduring.com website, and other times it might be in the form of a weekly email digest straight to your inbox.

We're now offering free, weekly email digests to each of our users who have signed up for a free membership. It will include not only a digest of the top posts and discussions on the UsEnduring.com, but also content and analysis from external sources that we think might benefit you.

The general topics will include things like:

  • The economy, current news, projections
  • Personal finance, tips
  • Investing, ideas
  • Government resources, assistance

... and much more.

As a member, you'll receive this automatically unless you unsubscribe in your profile settings. If you're not a current member, sign up now!

We hope this will help the community as a whole to survive and thrive the current/upcoming economic challenges in the United States!

Any thoughts or requests that might make this even better? Put them in the comments below!


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